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Meet the GR-100

Tomato Harvesting Automation in Commercial Greenhouses

The GR-100 is our innovative autonomous tomato harvesting robot that offers the best-in-class experience for the greenhouse grower. Through the use of the robotic arm that is calibrated with four stereo cameras, it can detect and harvest tomatoes with incredible precision.

43 kg/hr*

Harvesting speed
(*12g fruit)



98% Ripe



Plant analytics
Coming soon

Convenient Remote Monitoring

View all of your GR-100s from a single dashboard. Know everything you want to know about their operation from anywhere, anytime.

GR-100 dashboard
AI detecting fruit count and yield in greenhouse full of tomato plants.

Yield Heatmaps BETA

Our imagers and sensors give you a deeper and more granular understanding of how their environments and growing practices affect your yield. Know your fruit count and yield down to the 3 meters.

Yield Forecasting BETA

While harvesting every plant, our AI also detects how many tomatoes will be ripe in the coming weeks, giving you more control and pricing power.

Automated Packing Cart for Autonomous Tomato Harvesting

24 crates

in one harvesting

246 kg

in one harvesting

Meeting at the intersection of harvesting and packing.

Along with autonomous harvesting, we pair our harvesting capabilities with our patented packing cart technology. Our weighted elevator system allows for our robots to shuffle filled crates of loose picking snacking tomatoes – often being able to carry over 24 crates / 246 kg of tomatoes in one continuous harvesting session!

Our novel motion planner finds optimal, collision-free paths 34 times faster than standard motion planning algorithms.

This allows the GR-100 to picks tomatoes five times faster than the competition—without damaging the plants.

Technicians interact with a GR-100 tomato harvesting robot in a greenhouse.

The best part?
The GR-100 adapts

to your greenhouse facility.

The GR-100 was designed to work within the existing parameters of most commercial greenhouses. Our goal throughout the design process was to allow the robotics to work for you with very little or no modifications to existing facilities.

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