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  1. Meet the founder: Four Growers on what it takes to build ag robots that harvest faster than humans

    It’s one thing to build a robot that can harvest produce. It’s quite another to build one that can do so faster than humans and in an economical manner, says Brandon Contino, co-founder and CEO of ag robotics startup Four Growers.

  2. Robotic Tomato Harvesting Enables Faster Innovations in Research and Development

    The future of food production will require greater efficiencies, sustainable practices, and maximizing yields at every step. To optimize the future production of tomatoes, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds recently worked with Pittsburgh, Pa.-based Four Growers, Inc. to test the GR-100 robotic harvester in tomato research.

  3. New robot uses vacuum system to harvest tomatoes

    Robotics paired with genetics put technology and nature together to create a better future for this healthy crop eaten around the world. The work between Syngenta and Four Growers could lead to faster crop advancements, reduced food waste, and more satisfied growers and consumers.