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  1. IFPA Takes on Tech Podcast Live from the Global Produce & Floral Show

    IFPA’s Vonnie Estes broadcasts live from the Global Produce and Floral Show interviewing Four Growers Co-Founder & CEO, Brandon Contino.

  2. Faster-than-Humans Harvesting Robot now also picks Cucumber

    Four Growers has recently added cucumbers to its harvesting robot. This is just the latest addition to Four Growers’ harvesting robot, which is one of the first robots to be faster than humans at picking.

  3. Four Growers' Robotics and Computer Vision make Automated Greenhouse Harvests Reality

    Revolutionizing Agriculture with AI-powered Robotic platform Solutions for Industrial Greenhouses.

  4. Agrobotics Special: Four Growers Tomato Picking Robots

    For our featured interview this week, we sit down with Brandon Contino, CEO and co-founder of Four Growers, a startup building robots to harvest foods grown in greenhouses. Brandon talks about the technical and business challenges related to the robot and how focusing on greenhouses helps product evolution.

  5. 5 Q’s for Brandon Contino, Co-founder and CEO of Four Growers

    The Center for Data Innovation spoke with Brandon Contino, co-founder and CEO of Four Growers, an agricultural robotics company based in Pennsylvania. Contino explained how automation can boost productivity, reduce operational costs, and promote sustainability in greenhouses.

  6. Pittsburgh agtech firm Four Growers is branching out

    The pun is almost too easy: Turtle Creek-based agtech startup Four Growers is, itself, growing, thanks to advancements in its hardware and software capabilities.